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Feb 10, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Why Simple?

“The answer is, because “simple” works, but that’s not enough information to fill up an article. So, let’s take a look at some unrelated examples to really see if “simple” is the best approach to most of the things we do. Have you been to a gym lately where they offer personal training? I have…” Read More »


All in Perspective

“When we trade it is all too easy to get caught up in the moment. This is especially true for higher speed intra-day traders. The problem is that when we trade like this, it is like running full speed with your head looking straight down. Sure, you can see the immediate obstacles and dangers, but…” Read More »


So You Follow the Fundamentals do You?

“Firstly, let me begin this article by sincerely thanking each and every one of you who voted for myself and Rick Wright in this year’s FXStreet FX Best Awards 2015. We are both incredibly proud to have won the award for Best Newsletter and I am also hugely honored to have also won the Best…” Read More »


Options – Preparing for Contingencies

“We often make plans to enter or exit a trade involving options based on the price of the underlying stock. These are called conditional or contingent orders because the decision as to whether they should be executed is contingent on the price of the underlying stock. One major reason for using contingent orders to enter…” Read More »


Relax, There’s Always Another Trade

“I’ve written about some of the challenges faced by new traders in the last few articles that were published here. Patience and changing beliefs system were the last two themes. In this article we’ll tackle the subject of emotions. Before you think to yourself, “oh, not another article about fear and greed,” let me assure…” Read More »

Real Estate

Timing the Market with Real Estate Indicators

“We all know the age-old sayings of “You make money in real estate when you buy,” and, “buy low sell high.” These sayings make sense to all of us but the question is, do you know how to do it? The answer is, knowing how to find “off market” properties and timing the market…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Watch Out! Negative Default Patterns Can Destroy Your Trading

“Default patterns are programs that are connected to beliefs, biases and values and they are often not in your best interests. Programming is created from your earliest days of being with family, teachers, counselors, coaches, clergy, etc. These programs represent all that you have learned and/or experienced from zero years up to and including the…” Read More »

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