Lessons from the Pros

Dec 22, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

The Cycle of “IT” 2015, Part 1

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are ready for a special holiday season and an amazing new year. Thanksgiving as we all know is a time of the year where we all reflect on what we are thankful for and the really important things in life: love and family. It is a time… Read More »


Timing the Market Turns

Last week we examined a couple of decision support tools known as the Fibonacci retracements and extensions. In this article, we will look at another tool that can help predict the timing of the reversals in price, the Fibonacci time extension tool. Traders must remember that these tools are meant to support your trading decisions… Read More »


Your Forex Trading Year in Review

Hello traders! This will be my last newsletter in calendar 2015, so I thought I would help you get started with your yearly trading review. What’s a trading review, you say? It is where open your trading journal and look back at your trading history to see what you did well, and what you did… Read More »


Using Option Prices to Estimate Dividends

There are some fascinating mathematics behind options. If you just read that sentence and don’t see how “fascinating” and “mathematics” could ever go together, then options are probably not for you. Otherwise, read on. One of those interesting properties of options is the way they relate stock prices, interest and dividends. If we know the… Read More »


Why Futures Exist

For one reason and one reason only, to manage price risk! Some form of Futures trading has been around for hundreds of years for people who have owned a physical commodity or needed to own a physical commodity. These people or entities would be called commercial traders. They use the physical commodity in their day… Read More »

Real Estate

Property Condition Checklist – Keys to Good Property Management

One of the most important things you can do before you sign a lease with a potential tenant (besides of course run a background and credit check) is complete a property condition checklist. This not only needs to be done before a lease but before the tenant moves in. In many states this document is… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Managing the Energy of the Trade through Managing Your Energy

Have you ever been caught in a downward spiral of negative thinking – feeling and doing? If you have, and the good bet is that you not only have but that you’ve been there many, many times, this is because the process of getting results involves in each instance what you are thinking, your emotions and your behavioral response. If… Read More »