Lessons from the Pros

Dec 1, 2015 Issue

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Financial Markets Require Thinking Differently

There are times in life where thinking differently is really not a good idea. When the traffic light turns red, especially at the busy intersection, you probably want to stop. When the train signal starts flashing, indicating a high speed 200 ton locomotive is about to cross your path, it’s probably a good idea to… Read More »


Open Interest – Pin the Tail, But Don’t be the Donkey!

In my travels throughout the world, I often ask people, “How many people do you know who are making money trading options?” I usually only get one or two hands raised.
I then ask them, “How many of you know people who are losing money trading options?” Typically, every hand is raised to this question… Read More »


The Secret That Splits FX Traders

Last week I was fortunate enough to get some vacation time in, spending a little time out relaxing and recharging. A week away is more than enough for me as it gives me plenty of time to top up the tank, catch up on some reading and, of course, spend time reflecting. As is always… Read More »


Options – To Move, Or Not To Move

With every kind of trading, we enter each position with an expectation of which way the price of the instrument is going to move. We make money if we are right, or lose money if we are wrong. With options trading, we can make many trades that work that way too. But in addition to… Read More »


Micro Trading to Accommodate Risk in the Futures Market

Many new futures traders are being faced with problems of proper risk management using the 1% of account size rule while trading full sized Futures contracts. With today’s market volatility, using a small stop is almost guaranteed to get you stopped out of your position before having a chance to turn profitable. Plus, when trading… Read More »

Real Estate


Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday – it’s not about stuff (besides food and football). It’s about everyone in this country celebrating together – about gratitude – plain and simple. That is the spirit of the holiday. I like to write articles around this time of year that focus on something greater than ourselves. Below are links… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Ten Characteristics of Profitable Traders

There are reasons why profitable traders achieve the way that they do. Here are ten characteristics that they share. 1. Clarity: They know what they want and they have a hunger for it. Everyone makes mistakes, including market wizards and highly successful traders. The difference is that they “learn” from each mistake and rarely repeat… Read More »