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Nov 3, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Trading Mistakes That May Keep Your Profits Inconsistent

The goal for most traders is consistent profits, life-long income from speculating in markets. The key word in that sentence is consistent. Anyone can have profitable trades here and there, but do they produce consistent income and profits from trading. I have a friend who day trades the S&P E-Mini and has a winning percentage… Read More »


Risks and Rewards of After-Hours Trading

People often ask if there are opportunities to trade the stock markets during the extended hours session. While there may be a few, the risks involved with trading outside of the “Regular Hours” of the markets can far outweigh the probability of profiting. For those of you who may not be aware, the “Regular Hours… Read More »

Featured Article

Playing the Probabilities in Forex Trading – Part 1

One thing that any consistent market speculator knows about trading is that it is essentially a game of probabilities. For Forex traders, our goal is to consistently predict what direction the currency price is headed. When I say consistent, let’s be clear in stating that I am talking about making gains consistently and not losses… Read More »


Covered Calls – Extra Income on Long-term Positions

In last week’s article I described a way to build a portfolio at discounted prices using put options. The example I used was GLD, the exchange-traded fund that represents 1/10 ounce of gold per share. Last week GLD’s chart looked like this:… Read More »


Discipline in Life and Trading

It may seem a bit premature to begin talking about the holiday season and the end of another year, but before you know it they will be upon us. With that in mind, it’s time to reflect on what has transpired both in our trading and personal endeavors over this year. As we do our… Read More »

Real Estate

The Difference Between a REO Property and a Foreclosure Property

One of my biggest hurdles is getting new investors to understand the difference between a foreclosure that is going to auction and a REO (Real Estate Owned). First, let’s start with simple definitions. Foreclosure: A legal action that ends all ownership rights in a home when the homebuyer fails to make the mortgage payment or… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading Communities Help Build Successful Traders

Have you ever been in the midst of a trade and thought how supportive it would be to have someone – a fellow trader possibly – that you trusted, to call at just that moment when you’re about to careen off the cliff to the left? Or, perhaps you have a trading buddy that trades the… Read More »

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