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Nov 24, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Answers to Help Achieve Your Financial Goals

I’ve been writing articles for many years and over that time many of you have sent questions. Your questions have provided great ideas for articles and I do my best to answer, so here I thought I would share some key questions that may help you achieve your financial goals… Read More »


Trading the Dominant Trend

In the Online Trading Academy’s Extended Learning Track (XLT) class, there is a session called the Student Trade Review. For those of you not familiar with those sessions, it is where students can submit their winning and losing trades to be reviewed by an instructor. This is a very popular session as successful traders know… Read More »


Trading Risk Management Strategies, Part 3

Hello traders! In the first two parts of this series on risk management, part one covered a simple trade management technique and how to limit trading activity and part two discussed using correlations to either the dollar index or different commodities to help choose more effective turning points. This week we’ll discuss diversification and weekend… Read More »


Options – Not Just for Stocks

Many people are familiar with puts and calls on stocks. The fact is, however, that there are options on other types of assets too. Some of them may be attractive to you. The type of optionable underlying asset most similar to stocks is the exchange-traded fund (ETF). The options on ETFs work just like the… Read More »


Wrong Place, Right Market Futures Exchanges

One of the advantages to trading futures is there are central futures exchanges to trade on. Having a central Exchange allows for transparency in price for all to see, a central gathering place to execute orders via electronic or open outcry trading and, most helpful, direct access to the venue to execute your trade. However… Read More »

Real Estate

14 Key Professionals You Need on Your Real Estate Team – Part III

Let us continue our exploration of real estate team members. Two weeks ago we looked at the value of having these real estate professionals on your team: Coach, Real Estate Agent/Broker and an Insurance Agent on your team. Last week we looked at the importance of including these professionals on your real estate team: Accountant… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Breaking Bad Trading Habits, Is the Switch Cost Too High?

Change is one of the ironic constants of the Universe. In other words, the one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that everything changes. As time proceeds, even if you aren’t paying attention you will notice that everything must change and nothing stays the same; the young become the old, and mysteries do unfold… Read More »

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