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Nov 17, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Moving Average Strategy Not Working For You?

The Moving Average… It is a tool that is talked about in almost every trading book that has ever been written. Every day, those on TV, CNBC, Bloomberg and others are telling us where the S&P and other key markets are in relation to the 200 day moving average, for example. Every charting package on… Read More »


Winning by Losing the Right Way

All too often traders are so focused on getting the big winners. This is not a strategy that will allow you to be consistently successful in the markets. If you are wondering how to make money trading, a trader or investor can only be profitable if they can properly evaluate and manage their risk in… Read More »


Playing the Probabilities in Forex Trading – Part 2

Firstly, I would like to say a big thanks for your feedback from last week’s article on currency price. I am glad you enjoyed it and I’m happy that many of you found it useful. As promised, this week we continue the discussion in the second part of the series, this time with a distinct… Read More »


Tuning Up the Option Chain

The Option Chain is the term for the list of available options for a stock or other underlying asset. As option traders, we use the option chain constantly to look up the information we need. This information comes from the option exchanges and is relayed to us through third parties who format it into a… Read More »


Understanding the Universal Law of Duality in Trading

EMBRACE TRADING RISK is the mantra I espouse to all traders, mainly because the universal law of duality exists. This law states that nothing can exist without its antithetical counterpart. Night cannot be without day, evil cannot exist without good and rewards cannot happen without risk. I know this may be too philosophical for some… Read More »

Real Estate

14 Key Real Estate Professionals You need on Your Team – Part II

Last week we looked at why you should have these real estate professionals on your team: Coach, Real Estate Agent/Broker and an Insurance Agent. We also touched on the attributes that are beneficial when adding any team member (good reputation, positive attitude, shared values, problem solver). Now let us continue our exploration of the real… Read More »

Specialty Skills

The Benefits of a Daily Routine on Your Trading

How are your mornings? When you get up from bed, how do you feel? Are you like the millions of people around the planet that dread the morning and drag themselves out of bed quite reluctantly, usually after only 4 or 5 hours of sleep? Or, do you bound from the bed full of gratitude… Read More »