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Oct 6, 2015 Issue


Bear Sightings But Is It a Bear Market?

Many investors are extremely nervous and worried about the future of their equity investments in their retirement accounts. Disappointing Non-Farm Payroll numbers last week coupled with the news of economic weakness in India and China have traders and investors on edge and wondering what to do.
From a technical standpoint, most of the equity markets have… Read More »

Featured Article

A Trading Plan Must

In the past few days I’ve received quite a few emails regarding the risk and reward of the recent market volatility. This week, I thought I would write an article on the concept of “Profit Zone,” the biggest opportunity with volatility. All market speculators share the same goal which is to enjoy consistent low risk… Read More »


Combining Chart Patterns with Supply and Demand

In the world of conventional Technical Analysis, there are many different approaches ranging from basic candlestick patterns to a variety of technical indicators, most of which tend to give very lagging signals to buy and sell. As I have explored in previous articles, if used in the correct manner, namely alongside quality price action analysis… Read More »


Investing in Stocks Without Owning Stocks

This week the equity markets are unsettled and not showing many signs of life after dropping like a rock a few weeks ago. If you were an investor starting a portfolio right now, what could you do? Not only stocks, but pretty much all asset classes are in downtrends. This includes precious metals, oil and… Read More »


Do You Use Trading Rules or Patterns?

Have you ever listened to somebody try and explain the reason why they took a trade and it drove you crazy listening to it? I have heard all kinds of attempted explanations for why trades were taken. It usually starts out with a pause and glance up to the ceiling when you ask. Then… Read More »

Real Estate

Feedback from a Real Estate Industry Professional

The articles that I write for Lessons from the Pro’s cast a wide net. I sometimes get very interesting comments, questions and great insight from my readers. Over the last few months I’ve received a couple of comments and insights that I feel are worth sharing. I thought I’d pass them on. Below you will… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Comparing Can Disrupt Your Trading Process

Comparing…we do it all the time. We compare food, drinks, cars, clothes, houses, TV shows and actually anything and everything. In fact, when we compare we are placing a “value judgement” on those items to be ranked or in some way categorized. The Oxford Dictionary – short internet version – defines compare as a verb, meaning to… Read More »

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