Lessons from the Pros

Oct 20, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Investing Perception vs Reality: Moving Average

Drawing consistent low risk profits from trading and investing is a challenge many millions of people take on, yet only a select few are ever able to attain. The objective and mechanical rules for consistent low risk profits are very simple, yet the layers of illusions keep most from ever seeing what is real in… Read More »


Will Penny Stocks Make You Money?

The lure of making quick money draws many people to the world of trading and investing. A lot of them start by buying shares in microcap companies also known as penny stocks. The problem with these types of stocks is that the likelihood of profiting is, well, not very likely at all. Smart, consistently profitable… Read More »


Trade The Market News or Trade The Level?

It seems to be that in the world of Forex trading there are some weeks where we seem to get more volatility around economic news than other times. I have never done any analysis into this as it does not really matter when you trade price charts alone as your primary decision making tool. However… Read More »


Diversification Using Options

One of the main features of trading with options is that you can get a large amount of leverage. For a very small investment, you can own positions in some very high-priced stocks. Since each position takes only a small amount of money, an investor who has (or cares to risk) only a small amount… Read More »


Grain Futures and Contract Cycle Leap Frog

The Corn and Soybean Futures markets have an unusual event every year after the July contract expires, the trading volume leap frogs over the September contract and goes directly into the December contract for Corn and November contract for Soybeans. The December contract for Corn and the November contract for Soybeans are known as new… Read More »

Real Estate

Fix and Flip – Use a Contractor

I think, for many people the idea of fix and flipping a house for profit is not only exciting from a profit potential but also because people believe they have the talent or know the talent to make it happen. The myriad of TV shows makes it look so easy from design to construction. One… Read More »

Specialty Skills

The Advent of Fall Means Getting Ready to Change

Fall is in the air. Well, almost, because you couldn’t tell it by our hot, and I mean hot, weather here in sunny Southern California, specifically Los Angeles and Orange Counties. I mean, it’s been in the triple digits at times; and at the beach where one would expect a breezy reprieve, it’s been in… Read More »