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Oct 13, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Why Not To Follow Economic Data

Supply and demand is not a new concept… Adam Smith wrote of it extensively in many of his publications, including his prized work entitled; The Wealth of Nations. There are many theories regarding how and what affects supply and demand. The entire goal of this quest is to figure out where price is going. Just… Read More »


Fibbing Time! Using Fibonacci and Time

Although thought to have originated in India, Leonardo Bonacci (known as Fibonacci), has been credited with introducing the western world to the Fibonacci numbers used in many technical analyses. The most popular use of the numerical sequence is to measure price retracements for corrections and projections for new impulses in the trend. These levels will… Read More »


Two Fixes for a Common Trading Problem

Hello traders! This week I’d like to address a common problem that new traders who come to class often have. I was recently teaching one of our three day Market Timing Classes, where potential new students are introduced to Online Trading Academy and we decide if we are a mutually good fit, and this topic… Read More »


More About Selling Put Options on Stock Index ETFs

In last week’s article I discussed an idea for creating cash flow from the stock market without owning stocks. In a nutshell, this involves selling put options on stock index ETFs, like SPY (based on the S&P 500), QQQ (Nasdaq 100), or IWM (Russell 2000). The example I gave there was selling the October 182 put… Read More »


Market Timing – the Effects of Inertia

On Wall Street there are many, so called, pundits that get paid a lot of money to forecast the next direction of the stock market. They use complicated formulas measuring the output of the economy, current and future interest rate projections, along with some conventional market theories. All told, their track record is not very… Read More »

Real Estate

New FHA Loan Rules Affect the Closing Process

Well, between the new regulations for closing statements/disclosures that went into effect this last week and major changes that have been rolled out by the FHA – it is a busy time in real estate. Let’s look at the changes the FHA is rolling out and their impact on borrowers: There are two categories of changes…
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Specialty Skills

Be Cautious of Blind Spots In Your Trading Vision

Blind spots are areas, biases and beliefs that we are unaware of and they occur in many forms. There are several types. A physiological blind spot is a blind spot in your eye that obscures your visual field. These are caused by a lack of light-detecting photoreceptor cells on the optic disc of the retina… Read More »