Lessons from the Instructors

Jan 27, 2015 Issue


But it Beat Earnings!

“Earning season can be a very exciting time for traders and investors or it can make for the stuff of nightmares. Regardless of the earnings impact on the markets, the core concepts we teach at Online Trading Academy include the preservation of capital and the proper assessment of risk for any trade. The purpose of…” Read More »


What Is The Best Style Of Forex Trading?

“If you didn’t catch my last article, which was published two weeks ago, I would highly recommend checking it out before continuing with this piece. It covered the huge question of how much we can make when trading the global currency markets. We looked at some of the key learning and understanding required to get…” Read More »


Options – Picture This

“It has been a while since I wrote about option payoff diagrams. If you are not familiar with these, it is a good idea to learn about them. They allow us to make good estimates of how our option trades will do under varied conditions. Being able to do this will give us a big…” Read More »


The Patience Quotient

“When a trader in training is asked what the biggest challenge he or she faces is, the one that’s always at the top of the list is having patience. This is followed closely by the second challenge, which is learning to trust the system. So, why do new traders tend to be impatient? This, in…” Read More »

Real Estate

Want to Invest Out of State – What Does it Take?

“I often hear the following scenario when novice investors get into the market. “I found a house for a great price online in small town USA, so excited. I’m going to buy it and turn it into a rental. Then wait for the market to come back and CASH IN.” Good idea Mr. /Ms. Novice…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Emotional Intelligence and What It Means to your Trading

“Most people would agree that to have a substantial IQ (intelligence quotient) is very helpful to your success…in anything. It usually means that if you have a high IQ, you are in a position to solve problems, create novel or innovative approaches to issues and think critically. But, it is important to note that a…” Read More »