Lessons from the Pros

Jan 20, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Who Should You Listen To?

“Each day lately I see, hear, and read industry experts, ivy league professors, elected officials, and just about any average person with an opinion talk about two markets with certainty. What the masses are saying is that Crude Oil and energy is a buy right now and that Interest rates are for sure going up…” Read More »


Colorizing Your Trading

“You may have heard that most people fail in their attempt to trade, or that investing should be left to the “professionals.” The truth is that almost anyone can become a successful trader or direct their own investments and achieve their financial goals. The main reason that people fail in the financial markets is that…” Read More »


The New Traders Journey, Part 3

“Hello traders! This week I’d like to update you on my friend Paul and his journey of becoming a successful trader. If you haven’t read them, my previous two articles on Paul’s progress can be read here and here. As a brief recap, Paul (a friend of mine for many years) lost his job last…” Read More »


Pinning and Maximum Pain in the Options Market

“A reader asked me to comment on the subjects of pinning and max pain in the option market. Although it may sound like it, these are not terms from professional wrestling. They are option-related terms that describe the behavior, or alleged behavior, of stock prices on option expiration day. Pinning is the tendency of a…” Read More »


Large Speculators in the Futures Markets

“During the first month of the year some of you may have noticed some unusual price action in some of the Commodity Futures markets. An event that usually occurs at this time of year is called a Commodity Index Fund realignment. This is where Commodity Index Funds reposition their portfolios by changing the way the…” Read More »

Real Estate

What is a CMA? How do I know if it’s Accurate?

“If someone was to ask you what your home was worth, what would be your answer? This is what I typically hear, “Well, the guy down the street sold his house for $$$, and my house is much nicer so I’m sure it’s worth twice as much…..” Sound about right? At this time of year…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Are You Physically and Fiscally Fit for your Later Years?

“When you trade it is of paramount importance to have a macro plan (a business plan) that outlies things like your goals, the markets you will trade and the strategies that you’ll employ as you continue to build your trading skill levels. As well, you’ll want to have a micro plan for each and every…” Read More »

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