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Jul 7, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Common Mistakes with 401(k) Accounts: 401(k) Fees

When it comes to managing your 401(k), most people making three major mistakes that cost them thousands of dollars; and the scary part is they likely don’t even know it. This is article is the first in a three part series on retirement planning and your 401k. The three biggest mistakes that cost people thousands… Read More »


Staying in Longer for Larger Trading Profits

A common complaint from traders is that they seem to exit from profitable trades too soon. They find that fear grips them and they find they could have made much more money if they only stayed in the trade longer. In our search for profits, we are often shaken out by the market’s noise. What… Read More »


Some Moving Average Help for Spot Forex

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter finds me taking a couple more weeks off; so home in Dallas, Texas until the second week in July. So far, no 100 degree days for us! I’ll take it. But the real purpose of this newsletter is to not talk about our (so far!) mild summer, but to explore… Read More »


Trading Options: Risks and Rewards

In last week’s article, which you can read here, I listed the various types of risks that different kinds of investments are subject to. I mentioned there that listed options give us ways to choose to avoid the market risk inherent in stocks, if we are so inclined, by buying put options. Puts are literally Read More »


Comparing Shopping Style with Trading Equities and Futures

Last week I had the chance to vacation on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I can see why so many people visit the “Rock” as it is affectionately known by the locals. Very scenic mountains, ocean views and rivers everywhere you look. While there we went to a little town called Duncan and visited the Farmers Read More »

Real Estate

So you think you know about foreclosures…

How much do you really know about the foreclosure process? There’s probably more to know than you realize. Let’s see how you do. Question 1: What does the term “under water” mean? 1. You owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth. 2. You have missed one or more mortgage payments, so foreclosure… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Unsatisfactory Trading Profits… Then Change Something

Change can be difficult, even when you want to change. Why is it so hard to do what you say you want to do; and not do what you say you don’t want to do? Firstly, humans are creatures of habit. Doing the same thing in the same ways fosters a level of familiarity and comfort… Read More »