Lessons from the Pros

Sep 9, 2014 Issue

Featured Article NASDAQ Income Trade

Why Pay Retail?

How you make money trading the markets is no different than how you make money buying and selling anything in life and it never changes. The only difference between Walmart and JP Morgan is what they sell, not how they operate. Walmart buys the products at wholesale prices, marks them up and sells to us… Read More »


Investor Trend Indicator

During a recent Extended Learning Track course, one of the students brought up a technique I used to discuss for helping investors to better identify the broad market trend. This is a simple technique and I honestly forgot where I had learned it from. It involves using two simple moving averages on the chart of… Read More »


Forex Trading With or Against the Trend

As an instructor with Online Trading Academy, one of the most common topics I receive questions from my students about in the classroom-based environment and also the on-going Extended Learning Track program (XLT), is with regard to the nature of trend and its role in the world of financial speculation. Pick up any book or… Read More »


Picturing Option Profits to Make Money in the Stock Market – Part 3

I’ve been writing about using Option Payoff Diagrams in the last two articles (Part 1 and Part 2). We’ll extend that discussion today. Last week I wrote about an example of a covered call position in Apple Computer. I showed the payoff diagram for the stock alone, which at that time was at $102.39…. Read More »


How to Figure Margin for Commodity Spreads

I received an email from a student in Singapore regarding the margin for Spread trading and where to find it. Spread trading is gaining more popularity, even internationally based on the emails I have been receiving. Let’s now look at two different Futures Exchanges and identify the process of figuring out how much Margin… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Knowing Yourself is Important for Your Trading

One of the most important variables in your trading is becoming aware of things about yourself that affect follow-through and focus. Some of those things involve the quality of your thoughts, your ability to prepare, analyze data and process information, and to keep your commitments. These are some of the elements of having good discipline… Read More »