Lessons from the Pros

Aug 26, 2014 Issue

Featured Article failure while trading

Failing To Grow

We have all heard that line before but have you really lived through it? Have you experienced true financial loss at a level where you don’t know where or if you will get the money for that next mortgage payment or even that next meal? Have you gone through a divorce and lost your family… Read More »


Fanning Your Trading Success Part 2

Continuing with my series on Gann Theory (for the first part of this series, please see last week’s article), I would like to further explore trading opportunities using the major, intermediate and minor tops and bottoms. In Gann Theory, there are three trends all working on any time frame at all times. I see many… Read More »


The Right Approach To Day Trading Forex

Ask the majority of people who want to enter the world of speculative market trading what they like the idea of most and the majority will tell you “Day Trading.” In my experience I believe that the idea of day trading has a certain level of mystique attached to it, leading many to believe that Read More »


Picturing Option Profits to Make Money in the Stock Market

When trading options, we are dealing with an instrument that is much more mathematical than other things like stocks and futures. Those are “single-dimension” instruments. Their prices go up, and they go down. Options have three dimensions. They are moved by changes in the underlying stock… Read More »


Coming Soybean Harvest Spread

I was driving through the countryside of Maryland and Delaware returning from the Beach this weekend and could not help but notice the overabundance of both Corn and Soybean crops growing all along my route home. Both crops were greener than a Beverly Hills Mansion yard. The Corn was standing about 7-8 feet tall and… Read More »

Real Estate

The Pros and Cons of Condominiums as Rentals

The most important thing, if you are going to purchase a condominium as a rental, is to be sure it can be rented out both for long term and as a vacation rental. Don’t take this for granted. In fact, even before you make an offer, ask to see a copy of the CCR’s that… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Beliefs: Your Day Trading Will Follow What You Hold as True

As you trade stocks or any other asset or financial instrument your beliefs play a huge role in the results that you get. In fact, your beliefs are very important components to your programming that took place years ago and still have considerable impact upon your follow-through, or lack thereof. As you trade stocks or… Read More »