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Aug 12, 2014 Issue

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Has The Stock Market Really Changed?

I remember my days on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. My job was to facilitate institution order flow. Each day, I would take orders from banks, institutions, money managers, and so on and facilitate the execution of those orders into the various markets. Having the real buy and sell orders from the… Read More »


Bigger Profits

To paraphrase Newton’s first law of motion, “An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. We see this all the time in nature (try jumping and gravity pulls you down), but did you know that it can apply to the markets as well? Price in motion is called… Read More »


What is the Currency Spread Really Costing Me?

The world of Trading and Investing is full to the brim with articles, websites, books and seminars on how to make money in the markets using different strategies, technical indicators and techniques. While I feel that on one hand this is a good thing, as there should be plenty of information out there to help… Read More »


Options – Should You Buy or Write?

When trading most financial instruments, we can decide to buy first and sell later, or sell first and buy later. With things other than options (like stocks or futures), these two positions are symmetrical. The long-side trader (who buys first and sells later) wins if price goes up after he enters the trade… Read More »


Good Trading Processes Lead to Good Results

Flying back from New York last weekend I sat next to a young man who I noticed was wearing a Liverpool (the English Premier League Soccer Team) jersey. Since I watch the EPL quite regularly I asked him if he was fan, he replied that he was, and as it turns out he also plays… Read More »

Real Estate

REITs – A Great Way to Trade Real Estate

Been thinking about investing in real estate but not sure about how to get started? REIT’s are a good, low risk way of starting in the market.Here is an overview of the three kinds of REITs: Publicly Traded: Is a REIT that files with the SEC and whose shares are traded on the national stock… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Documenting Your Trading Is a Roadmap to Success

If you’ve been trading for more than a month and you have been involved in classes that are designed to support you in getting the market knowledge that is so crucial to getting positive results, then no doubt you have heard about the critical nature of measuring and documenting your trades. What gets measured gets… Read More »

India Markets

Options for India Options

The most successful students I see at Online Trading Academy have knowledge of multiple asset classes and also tend to trade more than one of them. When I ask my students in class, “How many of you trade options?” I usually get several hands raised. However, when I ask how many of them are profitable… Read More »