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Jul 8, 2014 Issue

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Don’t Sweat The Trading Losses

My whole life, I have been very involved in sports. Ice Hockey, Soccer, Golf, and Tennis are the sports I love to compete in. Playing hockey at a high level, I learned how to win, consistently. There were always teams in the league that would win consistently and others that would lose. When… Read More »


Frequently Asked Trading Questions

Hello traders! This week I’d like to address a few of the questions that come up in nearly every class, or even when I meet someone new who finds out that I trade. Question One: Can anyone learn to trade? Answer: No. If you have no discipline, you have no chance. Sorry to be blunt Read More »


Options Basics: The Greeks Part 1 – Delta

From time to time I write about the basics of options for the benefit of newer traders. Today we’ll start a series on the Greeks. These are measurements of how an option’s price will change as a result of certain events. The events that cause an option’s price to change are primarily… Read More »


Beyond Technical Analysis of Futures Markets

Learning to be a professional Futures trader involves much more than just technical analysis. To become a whole brain trader one must understand how markets work, contract specifications, capital requirements, knowing which Futures Exchange your product trades on, Exchange holidays, suspended trading sessions in some Futures markets, etc.; in addition to a strong… Read More »

Real Estate

Green Real Estate

What does that really mean and why would a real estate investor want to do that? Green generally refers to a structure and the building of that structure using a process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. This is for the structure’s life cycle, from design, construction and operation to maintenance. The common objective… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Greed: The Unholy Spector in Your Trades

As I write this it’s the week of July 4th and in the U.S. it’s a time to celebrate our national birthday. When you read this all the hoopla will be over but rest assured that people had a great time, what with a three day weekend that began with a literal “bang”… Read More »

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