Lessons from the Pros

Jul 15, 2014 Issue

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Is Average or Below Average Performance Your Trading Problem?

Is your trading and investing producing below average returns? If so, there may be a simple reason. You may be using a tool that ensures average or below average returns and not even know it. The “Moving Average” is a tool that is talked about in almost every trading book that has ever… Read More »


Trend Indicators

A reader of these Lessons From The Pros articles recently emailed me asking, “Can you tell me how you identify trend by using indicators?” Many traders depend on technical indicators to decide whether to buy or sell stock. Online Trading Academy instructors stress in our courses that the indicators are derivatives of price… Read More »


Be a Trading Machine

Hello everybody and welcome to another week’s edition of Lessons from The Pros. I hope you’re well and have not been too troubled by the lack of volatility currently residing in the worldwide currency markets? The quiet nature of the FX market has definitely been causing a few issues for some traders looking… Read More »


Options Basics: The Greeks Part 2

Last week we began a series on the Greeks. These are the variables that describe how option prices are expected to change, in response to certain forces. Today we’ll continue with that subject. There are exactly five forces that, collectively, are assumed to completely account for all option price changes. Each of these… Read More »


Trader Lessons from the World Cup

Over the last month, the biggest sporting event on the globe has been taking place in Brazil, that is the world cup. As many of you know, Soccer is a huge sport throughout the world (other than the United States) but it is growing in popularity here in The US. The World cup… Read More »

Real Estate

Short Sales and the “Boomerang Buyer”

From early 2008 to the end of 2012 the biggest topics in Real Estate were “Short Sales” and “Foreclosures.” Starting in August of 2013, we’ve seen a change in the short sale inventory with a significant reduction coming this past January. The lack of short sales is contributing to the overall lack of… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Successful Trading Involves Managing Your Energy

In the ongoing conversation with the Online Trading Academy students that come into the trading psychology lessons we have often discussed the importance of “energy” management. When you think about it, energy, which cannot be created or destroyed according to Albert Einstein, is the primary fundamental essence of the Universe. No matter how… Read More »

India Markets

Why Should I Know Technical Analysis?

Last week, I replied to a question posed from a student. I enjoy receiving these questions as it allows me to gain feedback from students and also keeps me sharp as an instructor. Another popular question I receive is, “Will Online Trading Academy’s technical analysis techniques work on Indian markets?” The answer is… Read More »