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Jul 1, 2014 Issue

Featured Article NASDAQ Income Trade

Simple Logic for a Complex Trading Question

Think about it… If you had the worlds unfilled buy and sell orders in front of you at each price level in the markets you were trading, how simple would trading be? You would know where price was going to turn as that would always happen at price levels where supply and demand… Read More »


Opportunities Are Out There in Forex

One of the most common questions I have been getting lately from my regular readers of these articles and my students alike is about the current lack of volatility in the worldwide FX markets. I am all too aware that many regular currency traders have been having a tougher time with the markets … Read More »


Options – Up, Down, Sideways, and Diagonal

I’ve recently been writing about option positions that include both anchors (the option intended to provide the profit) and offsets (the option used to reduce some undesirable features of the anchor alone). We’ll look at another example today. In last week’s article, we looked at an example using the gold ETF (GLD). This is what Read More »


The Rollover Gap In The Futures Market

Two weeks ago I was on Power Trading Radio with Merlin Rothfeld when a listener sent in a message about a “huge gap” in the E-mini S&P 500 futures contract. He seemed somewhat excited about it and was trying to figure out what news event had caused such a big move. He also… Read More »

Real Estate

Probate Real Estate to Eliminate the Competition

Real Estate can be about creating long term wealth or cash flow. No matter which way you go, the big question is often, “What is the best, most profitable real estate buying strategy?” There are many but the best I’ve found in over 25 years of real estate investing is Probate. Let me take… Read More »

Specialty Skills

The Best Answers Come From the Right Questions

When I began to trade I put very little thought into what was going on in my head. I embraced the notion that all I needed was that indicator or that support/resistance strategy – you know, the secret one – and I would rake in the dough. Now, you’re probably thinking; what…you’re a mental health… Read More »

India Markets

Trading Targets for Success

I recently received this question via email and also have heard it repeatedly asked by students in my classes. I thought it would be fitting to answer the question in this forum. “I have a question with regard to targets. What do you think of having no targets at all? I am considering… Read More »