Lessons from the Pros

Jun 3, 2014 Issue

Featured Article Crude Oil Trade Setup

Is This In Your Trading Plan?

Last week, I received an above average amount of feedback letting me know how helpful last week’s article was. This week, I thought I would write a follow up article to help reinforce the concept of “Profit Zone”… All market speculators share the same goal which is to enjoy consistent low risk profits. To accomplish… Read More »


Find the Fool and Trade Against Them

I have a friend and I will spare him the embarrassment of mentioning his name here, who always seems to buy and sell stocks at the wrong time. He watches a lot of TV and gets excited at the prospects of becoming rich quickly from any publicly traded company that happens to make the news… Read More »


The 5 Stages Of Forex Consistency

It’s been a busy few weeks to say the least, as I sit here writing this article from the comfort of my own home in London following a fantastic two weeks of teaching and working with some fantastic students at the Online Trading Academy Los Angeles campus. Having received an invitation to come and visit… Read More »


Options Mailbag – Your Questions Answered

From time to time I use this column to answer questions sent in by readers. Today we’ll tackle a few recent ones. One reader wrote with a question regarding the upcoming 7-for-1 split in Apple stock. By the time you read this the split will have already happened, so this discussion is purely educational, which… Read More »


Stock Indexes Circuit Breakers and Trading Hours

Understanding trading hours and circuit breakers in the Futures markets can be rather confusing to new Futures traders. I would like to address some of these frequently asked questions and clear up any confusion you may have regarding these two areas. When did the trading hours change for the Stock Indexes traded on the CMEGroup Exchange? Read More »

Real Estate

Should I Renovate, Remodel, or Renew?

Over the years one of the biggest mistakes I have seen flippers make is to fall in love with a project. This mean they often go over budget. For some the process seams daunting and for others it’s a piece of cake.  If you ever watch shows like HGTV’s Design on a Dime you know Read More »

Specialty Skills

Accountability Is a Critical Component to your A-Game

A chill went through her body. Sharron couldn’t understand what was happening and waves of frustration, confusion and self-loathing rippled through her like groceries tumbling out of a torn-bottom bag. She was struggling to make sense of why the stock she was trading had plummeted. Daily Briefings gave a good report on the stock as… Read More »

India Markets

Why should I know technical analysis?

One of the questions I often hear is, “Will your technical analysis technique work on our (Indian) markets?” The answer is a resounding yes and is obvious if you understand what trading is all about. Most people incorrectly assume that trading is all about understanding the fundamentals of the market or knowing the balance sheet… Read More »