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May 6, 2014 Issue

Featured Article XLT buying opportunity in a stock

New Traders Beware

In today’s day and age of high speed computers, lighting fast financial information, and data overload, diving into the world of trading can be a frightening challenge for a newcomer to say the least. Add on top of that deciding which strategy to use and it’s no wonder why so many traders fail. You can… Read More »


Splitting Stocks is Like Splitting Hairs

There has been a lot of talk about the recent announcement of Apple splitting their stock. Many traders are unsure what this means for the stock and whether there is any way for them to benefit from the stock split. Unfortunately, there is not any secret strategy to profit from a stock split. Unfortunately, there… Read More »


A Crash Course in Candlesticks

This week I am back in my hometown of London to teach one of Online Trading Academy’s foundational classes, the Professional Forex Class. Here in the UK, currency trading is huge and as an asset class it is without doubt the most popular market to trade for most who are interested in getting into trading… Read More »


Back to Option’s Basics

In recent articles, we’ve gone down some pretty esoteric paths. Those articles are of interest mainly to experienced option traders. For the next few articles, I’ll go back to the basics. If you are a new option trader, or interested in seeing what option trading has to offer, these will be for you. Short articles… Read More »


Watching the Smart Money

Futures’ trading has been around for hundreds of years. Even before Futures Exchanges existed trading was done by either a handshake or a forward contract. Producers and Processors of Commodities both have always needed a way to protect against price risk. The Producer, who owned the Commodity was concerned prices might drop before they delivered… Read More »

Real Estate

What To Do With A Low Appraisal?

If you are purchasing real estate (or have in the past) you have heard the word “appraisal.” Whether you are on buying or selling end, the appraisal will have an impact. I have found there’s a lot of confusion about what an appraisal is, how it effects a transaction and what kind of control there Read More »

Specialty Skills

How is Change Figuring into your Trading?

There are so many aspects of the conversation regarding trading and your ability to become consistently successful. Your self-discipline or the lack thereof, is such a large function of identifying what must be done and then unequivocally doing it. But, alas therein lies the rub. Many of you who are reading this know exactly … Read More »

India Markets

Dealing with Volatility

The strong rise in price in the equity markets and the subsequent increase in volatility are enough to make even the most experienced investor dizzy. When the markets become increasingly tumultuous, investors should focus on several things: remaining calm, preserving capital and seeking high quality opportunities. Familiarizing yourself with the right analysis techniques can prepare… Read More »

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