Lessons from the Pros

May 20, 2014 Issue

Featured Article DAX Futures Income Trade: 5/13/14

Sharpen Your Focus For Consistent Trading and Investing Results

The goal for most traders is consistent profits, life-long income from speculating in markets. The key word in that sentence is “consistent.” Anyone can have profitable trades here and there but do they produce consistent income and profits from trading. I have a friend who day trades the S&P E-mini and has a very strong… Read More »


The Real Gap

First, I would like to give thanks to all of the firefighters and other emergency crews who worked for hours in grueling conditions to combat the wildfires in San Diego County. For those students who were concerned for me, the fire was less than two miles from my house but then the winds shifted and… Read More »


Always Late To The Party

Hello readers. I hope you have been having a great trading week so far. First, many thanks for your emails and comments on my last article about Candlestick patterns and charting. I am glad you found it useful! I promised at the end of that piece that I would be following up this week with… Read More »


Options – Is Time Relative?

Another major factor in the amount of time value in an option is the amount of time remaining until that option expires. The more time there is, the farther the stock could move in that time; and the farther into the money the option could get. So options with a lot of time remaining have… Read More »


GSCI – The Big Basket of Goods

Many traders reference the S&P 500 Index when trading individual stocks.  They will also reference the Dollar Index when trading the Spot Forex market.  But how many actually reference a Commodity Index before trading a Commodity Futures contract? My guess is not many and the main reason is because they are not aware there is Read More »

Real Estate

Graduation Time Has Got Me Thinking About Real Estate

Last week I was at lunch with a group of friends. Several of their children were graduating from high school and getting ready to head off to college. We seasoned vets were asked our advice and I just had to chime in on the great opportunity to buy a house with built in tenants. Read More »

Specialty Skills

Rather Than Just Having Goals – Are You Using Them?

One of the things that I do to reduce and manage stress is to exercise about 5 to 6 times per week. It not only lowers stress and promotes the release of endorphins that help me to feel good, it also supports clear thinking and optimal health, both of which indirectly support trading. Well, the… Read More »

India Markets

A Better Business Environment

Congratulations are in order for Narendra Modi and the BJP for the landslide election win. “Modinomics” as it is being called promises to usher in a new era of business and economic growth for the largest Democracy in the world. Time will tell if the new pro-business, less government environment will help turn the tide… Read More »