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Apr 8, 2014 Issue

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The Biggest Challenge New Traders Face

The biggest challenge I see new traders face in their journey towards consistent low risk profits is the ability to keep things simple and real. Instead of seeking quality education and information, the majority of aspiring traders seek quantity of information. Instead of keeping the process simple, they complicate things with more tools, more rules… Read More »


All Shook Up and Out of Your Trade

Have you ever been shaken out of a trade only to see the price move in your favor once you were out of the position? Did it seem like the institutions attached a camera to your computer to see where you entered and exited so they could trade against you? Obviously, this is not what… Read More »


The Forex “Experience”

Following a very successful and productive few weeks of teaching at the Online Trading Academy campus in Philadelphia, I am sitting here waiting to board my plane home to London, killing some time doing a little research on a new project I have just started working on. While doing my work, I came across a… Read More »


Using Options to Protect Profits

On April 2, 2014, the S&P 500 Index notched yet another all-time high, closing in on the 1900 mark (points, not the year). From the lows following the 2008-09 crash, the index has climbed by over 180%. It has exceeded the 2007 high by over 20%. In real terms, the index had exceeded the 2007… Read More »


If You Want Your Money Back Don’t Break Anything

Isn’t it funny how when you see a headline about your money that you want to read more? It is human nature to want to protect our hard earned capital and to make it grow as much as possible with as little risk as possible. Something that helps make small amounts of capital grow as… Read More »

Real Estate

Good Bye Suburbs the Trend is Toward the Urban

It was interesting when my minister talked about how isolated we have become because of suburban living, we drive into our garages, close the door and don’t see anyone. This got me to thinking about “the suburbs” and how some people are choosing to live differently. Some of the changes are economics and some cultural. Read More »

India Markets

Stretching the Price

Most traders are familiar with moving averages. They are a useful technical tool for identifying the direction and strength of a trend. However, many traders overlook a very useful characteristic of price that allows us to identify a trading opportunity using moving averages. That characteristic is elasticity. Prices are elastic. They will move away from… Read More »

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