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Apr 29, 2014 Issue

Featured Article next big profit zone

For Successful Trading and Investing You Need A Profit Zone

The profit zone is the distance in price between the entry point and the profit target price. When looking for trading opportunities, people tend to focus on where the next big turn in price will happen. As I often write about, these turns happen at price levels where supply and demand is out of balance… Read More »


Choosing the Right Index

Back in July 2013, I wrote an article called, “Watching the Markets,” that dealt with identifying the leading and lagging indexes for stocks. This tool is useful for finding the right security to trade for the market conditions. While teaching a class this week in Online Trading Academy’s Kansas City office, this tool benefited the… Read More »


Good Traders Do These Two Things Very Well

Hello traders! This week I’d like to explain a little bit about what profitable traders all have in common and then discuss the differences, because the differences are what makes trading difficult! So right out of the gate I’m going to give you the Holy Grail in trading that all successful traders have in common… Read More »


Calculating Reward and Risk on Option Trades

In all kinds of trading, we have to assess risk and potential reward on every trade. Being able to select trades that pay enough to be worth the risk is what separates the traders from the former traders and trader wannabes. In trading most instruments, the risk and reward calculations are straightforward. How many dollars… Read More »

Real Estate

Money For Your Fixer Upper Built Right into the First Mortgage

The fixer upper loans mentioned in the title are known as a 203(k) HUD loans. This is HUD’s primary program for the rehabilitation and repair of single family properties. It is an important tool for communities and neighborhoods to revitalize and expand home ownership opportunities. HUD is still very committed to this program. These loans… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trade By Design Not Default

“What’s going on here?” Sheila all but shouted silently in her head. Her plan was to use the Keltner Channel to signal a price break-out on the NQ E-mini, in tandem with the price action hitting the Demand Zone at the lower end of the channel. The set-up actually was a high probability trade as… Read More »

India Markets

How High Can it Go?

Traders and investors in the Indian equity markets have been enjoying watching as prices have been breaking to all-time highs. Of course the big question in everyone’s mind is where will this bull run end and is there anything I can do to protect my capital when it does? While no one can predict exactly… Read More »

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