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Apr 15, 2014 Issue

Featured Article NASDAQ Trade Setup: 4/4/14

Big Trader and Investor Mistake, Simple Correction

I have been in the trading and investing business for nearly 20 years as a trader, fund manager, author, educator, beginning on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. If I had to list the top three mistakes I see most traders make, one that would for sure be on the list is when people… Read More »


Are You Climbing to Success or Failure?

In last week’s article, we discussed one of the areas that novice traders mistakenly enter trades only to get stopped out by the professionals. This week, I will revisit an older topic that is related. In that article, I answered an email from a student: “I want you to tell me the importance of how… Read More »


Who is the Fattest Kid on our Forex Market Playground?

This week’s article will try to explain a bit about relative strength between individual currencies, help you choose which pair to trade, and suggest a couple of rules for your trading plan. In the Online Trading Academy Forex classes that I teach, obviously the topic of charts comes up, along with which currency is getting… Read More »


More Protective Measures for Your Investments

This may be even more timely now. On the day when my last article was written, April 2, the S&P 500 had just made a fresh all-time high. Three trading days later, on April 7, the index had dropped almost three percent, giving back all of the 2014 gains. The two alternatives we’ll look at… Read More »


Hints to Inverse Market Correlations

Each day the global financial markets are impacted by events that cause traders to react in dramatic fashion. These responses quite often will have a ripple effect that can stretch across all types of markets and asset classes. In other words, what happens in one market will in turn move another related market. For newer… Read More »

Real Estate

Proposed 1031 Exchange Reform

I try to stay balanced in my articles and not get TOO political but sometimes I can’t help it. The government is slowly eating away at tax benefits that make real estate attractive, such as the limit on the deduction of interest on your home if you are over a certain level of income… Read More »

Specialty Skills

What’s Motivating Your Trade?

Harry heard himself say, “What the heck is happening?” He was watching the YM E-mini price action on the 5 minute chart as it surged upward, appearing about to take him out of his trade and he felt an overwhelming anxiety-driven urge to move his stop-loss. Harry had identified a significant fresh supply zone on… Read More »

India Markets

New Highs Are So Tempting

There has been a lot of talk about new highs having been achieved by the equity markets. The Nifty broke to new highs as I write this article. If you have ever read a book on trading or technical analysis, you will know that buying stocks or the index on the breakouts is an extremely… Read More »

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