Lessons from the Instructors

Mar 4, 2014 Issue


Amateurs and Human Behavior

While teaching a Professional Futures Course last week in Online Trading Academy’s new San Diego center, the students were amazed that I was able to easily pick out turning points in the markets with a high degree of accuracy. I explained to them that all I had to do was to utilize my training from… Read More »


Bad Habits of Untrained Traders

Hello traders! In this week’s newsletter, I’d like to describe what a typical classroom consists of, and why you might fit into one of our forex classes. In addition, I’d like to address a couple of bad habits that keep people from making the type of profits they want in the marketplace… Read More »


Options Questions Answered

This week, as I occasionally do, I’ll answer a couple of questions that readers have sent in regarding options. The first has to do with setting stops on short put trades. Selling puts short is a strategy that takes advantage of time decay in cases where we are neutral to somewhat bullish on a stock… Read More »


Can an All-Time High be Shorted?

One of the tenets of our supply and demand core strategy is buying low and selling high.  In its simplest form, this notion of buying low and selling high seems somewhat vague, as the most important part of this equation: the where to buy and where to sell piece is missing. If you’ve been reading Read More »

Real Estate

Questions Answered Regarding Real Estate Loan Qualifications

In today’s article, I will answer questions I get from readers and students in class regarding loan qualifications. What is Debt to Income Ratio (DIR) -Low vs High? How does it apply to getting a mortgage? Low Debt to Income ratio is not a problem for a home buyer, in fact it is what lenders… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Certainty Biases Can Put Your Trading in a Bind

Have you ever been caught up in should-ing on yourself? What I mean by that is, have you been thinking that the price action should (must) go up or down because of the trade you entered? That is just one example of the type of thinking that can throw a monkey wrench into your trading… Read More »

India Markets

Immediate Momentum

A student emailed me and asked about the usefulness of the market depth window on his trading platform.  As a former scalper, I am intimately familiar with that tool and how to read it.  You will notice that I said a former scalper.  I now focus on short term trading based on charts and do not Read More »