Lessons from the Pros

Mar 11, 2014 Issue

Featured Article USDCAD: The Setup

Are You Sure You’re Looking At Price Charts Properly?

There are so many books, articles, and education on how to properly analyze price charts. While I find many flaws in the conventional wisdom regarding this topic, one certainly leads the pack and is the focus on this piece. The foundation of conventional chart analysis according to the trading books and all the education out… Read More »


How The Markets Work It Off

No, this is not an article about weight loss! It is more about preventing financial loss. As traders we often rely on technical indicators for signals to help identify turning points in the prices of both the markets and our stocks. In fact, many people rely on them as the basis for their software to… Read More »


FX Trading Mind-Set & Currency Trading 101

Hello to all and welcome to this week’s offering. As many of my regular readers will already be aware of, I am especially passionate about the Psychological aspects of trading and the inner mental game which active traders and to some degree longer-term investors, have to deal with on a regular basis. Students and traders… Read More »


Counting the Days – Calendar Option Strategy

At times when options are cheap, it seems like a good idea to buy them. But when they are cheap, it’s because the option-buying public doesn’t believe there will be much price movement in the near future. What if you agree with them – is there any way to benefit from a situation where options… Read More »

Real Estate

First Real Estate Indicators for 2014

On February 25, 2014 existing home sales data for January was released. Not a big surprise that sales of existing homes fell to the lowest level in a year and a half. Existing home sales (the completed transactions of single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-op’s) dropped 5.1 percent. This gave us a seasonally adjusted annual… Read More »

India Markets

Momentum Breakouts

Could you kindly write an article or email on how to identify momentum breakouts and the extent to which the prices can follow a breakout? Currently the Indian markets, and more precisely the Nifty and leading Bank nifty stocks are seeing SZs after SZs broken on the upside. This is really diminishing my faith in… Read More »