Lessons from the Instructors

Feb 4, 2014 Issue


Follow the Guru?

A few weeks ago I was in Online Trading Academy’s San Jose office teaching a Market Timing course.  One prospective student I was talking to decided that the education we could provide to him would not be necessary since his “system” of trading and investing was working for him.  I inquired as to what system Read More »


Why I Swing Trade

Hello traders! In every Online Trading Academy class that I teach, the topic of trading styles is covered. By trading styles we usually mean long term, swing, or short term/daytrading. The main difference between these styles is the time frame we expect to hold on to our trades. This newsletter will explain why I prefer Read More »


You Don’t Have To Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here

The title of this article is from a country song about a guy sitting at a bar at closing time.  The bartender is telling him he does not have to go home, but the bar is closing and he must leave.  I will use this as my segue into discussing a Futures contract rollover. Let’s Read More »

Real Estate

The Next Step After Putting Up A For Rent Sign

I’m in the middle of putting up a “for rent” sign, so I thought this would be a timely article. I have been very fortunate this time around. The sign went up Friday January 17th and I had an accepted application on January 21st. Is the market really that hot? The rental market is picking Read More »

Specialty Skills

Personal Leadership Develops Personal Mastery

Trading in the financial markets is subjective and almost exclusively.  There are as many approaches to the process as there are traders; and many of them are successful along with so many, many more that are not.  Additionally, trading can be defined in a number of ways.  For example, “A transfer of funds from those Read More »

India Markets

Risk, Trade, and Money Management

Receiving emailed questions from students is always encouraging.  Replying to them keeps me sharp as a trader and instructor.  I recently received the following question which I thought would be great to share with everyone. Hi Brandon, If you have the time, can you help me understand how the below mentioned 3 terms are different Read More »