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Feb 25, 2014 Issue

Education Resource

Our Own Sam Seiden Is A Two-Time Winner In FXStreet’s “Best” Awards

On February 21, 2014, the winners were announced for the 2014 FXStreet “Best” Awards—highlighting the top analysis, educational content and contributors on the financial analysis website during the previous year. Once again, Online Trading Academy’s Sam Seiden was a multiple winner. He was selected for “Best Educational Report” for Lessons from the Pros and “Best Read More »

Featured Article

Trading The Open

During my time on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, I noticed many things that helped shape my thought process and strategy that I still employ today. I started on a very busy trading desk right next to the trading pits, and my job was to facilitate institutional order flow. One of the many… Read More »


Understanding Future Market Direction Using an Interesting Study

Most traders I talk to are very nervous about the potential for this bull market to continue. They are wondering when the next bear will start to roar. When the economy and markets show weakness, the majority of people worldwide focus on saving money and spending wisely. Especially those hit by unemployment or credit reduction… Read More »


It is Time to do the Shake

For this week’s offering, I wanted to share with you a slice of real-life trading action taken directly from the Crown Jewel of Online Trading Academy’s Educational Program. As well as teaching students in the Live classroom environment and the ongoing Live Trading rooms known as the Extended Learning Track, or XLT, I also have Read More »


Options Income Generators – Part 2

In last week’s article, which you can read here, I discussed relatively conservative income generating strategies. One of my examples was the credit vertical spread. Today we’ll look at a way to simulate that strategy in cases where we are not permitted to do credit spreads. First, credit vertical spreads are positions that involve selling… Read More »


Enhancing A Commodity Turning Point

Recently I wrote an article on Setting up a Commodity Trade.  One of the tools I mentioned was Relative Strength in conjunction with our usual trend and core technical analysis of Supply/Demand. Commodity Futures allow us to take a peek at what the smart money in the market is doing if we know how to read Read More »

Real Estate

Real Estate Investments Inside a Self Directed Retirement Plan (SDRP)

The last time I researched it there was over $4.5 trillion dollars in the retirement market today. 7 Billion of that was self-directed. It is also among the fastest growing segments. A SDRP allows access to a variety of investment vehicles, not just equities. The IRS closely regulates Self-Directed plans; therefore real estate investments purchased… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Set Rules and Keep Them – Your Path to Trading Success

I am sure you have heard this saying, “Rules are made to be broken.” Well, it might make some sense in other parts of life, but in trading this is plain and simple hogwash. Rules, and of course by that I mean effective rules are close to if not at the top of the list… Read More »

India Markets

Keep Trading Simple

From time to time, I discuss more advanced trading tactics and even technical indicators that I feel may enhance a newer trader’s ability to read price. However, you must realize that these techniques are designed to help you with identifying the price levels for trading. They are not to be your sole decision making process… Read More »

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