Lessons from the Pros

Dec 9, 2014 Issue

Featured Article

Translating Floor Trading Emotion into Screen-Based Trading

Movement in price is based simply on supply, demand and the human behavior relationship that exists in any market. And, clearly, opportunity always arises when this equation is out of balance. Whether trading the S&P, buying a house, a car or a Michael Jordan rookie card, how we make money buying and selling never changes. Read More »


Using Volume Alternatives

After last week’s article I received several emails asking me to expand on the topic of volume and tick charts. Since they are unfamiliar for many traders, I decided to dive deeper into the topic. These types of chart can be really useful to increase your chances for success. First, in order to create the… Read More »


Should I Open a Forex or Futures Account?

Hello traders! Over the past few months of teaching with Online Trading Academy, a question has come up more and more often with new students. “Which account/asset class should I start trading first? Futures or spot forex?” This week’s newsletter will discuss the major differences between the two markets. Believe it or not, nearly… Read More »


Out Of The Money Or In The Money Options

Periodically I use this column to answer questions sent by readers. Here’s an interesting one I received recently: As a bullish position, can you compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying one contract of an in-the-money Call option with a Delta of 70, vs buying two out-of-the-money contracts with a Delta of 35 each… Read More »


What Does Objectivity in Trading Feel Like?

“One of the toughest obstacles a new trader faces in becoming profitable is staying objective about what the market is telling them. Staying objective means being able to change one’s mind when the market environment clearly indicates our assessment of the direction of the market is wrong. That’s only one aspect of being objective, the…” Read More »

Real Estate

Do I Still Need A Real Estate Professional?

Clark Howard (consumer blogger) pointed it out that “with all the technology out there for home buyers and sellers, do real estate agents really matter anymore?” he continued, “For buyers, the research you can do online and with your phone is amazing. Apps like Redfin and HomeSnap will let you drive down a street, pull Read More »

Specialty Skills

Accepting Reality And Moving On Is A Key To Trading Success

“Has this ever happened to you? Upon perusing the broad markets and subsequent time frames you draw the levels in the chart that you feel are most significant. Then, after researching a few other mechanical aspects of this trading day like upcoming news, you formulate a plan whereupon you fully intend and expect that you…” Read More »