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Dec 23, 2014 Issue

Featured Article

Competing in the Game Of Thinking

“Often, I write articles about the importance of having or owning a competitive edge. It is amazing to me that people in general focus very little on this most important topic. Most traders read trading books and learn to buy and sell where everyone else who reads the books buys and sells which ensures you…” Read More »


Programming Your Odds

“While teaching a Professional Futures Trader course in Kansas City last week, I was demonstrating a technique that can predict the morning reversal of the S&P 500 Index and the related futures contracts due to arbitrage opportunities. This is a technique that I have used successfully for years when I traded stocks. It can also…” Read More »


Can Channels Help With Trend Reversals?

“Hello traders! In this week’s Lessons from the Pros Newsletter I’d like to go into a brief explanation of trading with the trend, and a common pattern to help you trade against the trend.
First of all, by now you have all heard the phrase (or one like it) that “the trend is your friend…”
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Your Assignment for Today…

“Let’s say that on December 18 you owned 100 shares of stock in American Airlines (AAL), with a current value of $50 per share, a post-crash high. There are call options at the $52.50 strike on that stock that expire in a month, which are currently trading at $1.68 per share. You note that $52.50…” Read More »


Trading Around Limit Moves in the Futures Markets

“Most of us have seen the movie Trading Places. It is the story of a few guys that are trying to corner the Orange Juice market and two traders come in to break up the scheme. During this time they witness the Orange Juice market go Limit up on the monthly Supply and Demand report…” Read More »

Real Estate

Demographic Trends Affecting Housing – Part I

“As we start to face the end of 2014 I decided to do a couple of series on various trends that effect the Real Estate industry. What will create opportunities in the future for Real Estate? People will always need a place to live, work and shop. We have seen a big change in the…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading Essentials for Trading Success

“As I’m writing this it happens to be right in the mix of the December holiday season. Around the planet regardless of your particular ideological persuasion there is a celebration for everyone. There is Hanukah, Winter Solstice, Christmas and Kwanza just to name a few of the majors. However you look at it, it is…” Read More »

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