Lessons from the Pros

Dec 2, 2014 Issue

Featured Article

The Psychology Trap of Conventional Learning

When it comes to learning, there are some things we all must learn the same way. Stop signs, traffic lights, enter and exit signs, how to know the men’s bathroom from the woman’s is an important one… There are many more universal items to learn including basic math and science, how to read and write, Read More »


Using Volume Candles to Let Profits Run

Many traders look to volume as a method for identifying the strength or weakness of a trend. It may also be used to gauge turning points at supply and demand. In looking at volume, most traders will place the volume histogram at the bottom of their chart to see it correlating with the candles and… Read More »


The Traps of Support and Resistance – Part 2

Hello and welcome again to another edition of Lessons from The Pros. If you managed to catch my article from two weeks ago entitled, “The Traps of Support and Resistance,” as promised here is part two. If you have yet to read that article you can get it right now by clicking here… Read More »


Locking In Profits with Options – the Final Chapter

With U.S. equity markets at all-time highs, many people are thinking about how to protect profits on a stock, or a portfolio, against the inevitable day when the next bear market begins. I have discussed various ways to do this using options, in the articles that you can read here and here. Today’s article will… Read More »


Futures Markets – Ticks and Monetary Tick Values Explained

A term that trips up a lot of Futures traders Pro and Novice alike is Ticks and Monetary Tick Values. A tick is the minimum amount a price can change for that market. The Stock market trades in minimum tick increments of .01 (one cent) per share unless a market maker trades between the bid… Read More »

Real Estate

How Investors Can Avoid Forclosure Losses

Buying foreclosures is not a simple endeavor. If done correctly, you could research hundreds of properties a month and only end up buying one or two. Alain Lantiqua, a seasoned investor says, “You gotta know what you’re doing. And if you don’t, you’re going to lose a lot of money; people are losing hundreds of… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Can You Fear Success?

Most people are familiar with the fear of failure. In fact it’s one of Larry Wilson’s Four Fatal Fears that he listed in his book “Play to Win.” In it he describes that there are four fears fatal to your personal growth and achieving your individual goals. They are fatal not to your physical well…. Read More »