Lessons from the Pros

Nov 25, 2014 Issue

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Razor Sharp Focus on What Matters

Today’s article will be simple, short, and certainly have a razor sharp focus as that is what is needed to succeed in just about any endeavor. I am going to suggest something today that some people won’t be able to do and others will disagree with it. A few others on the other hand will… Read More »


Risk Ratio and Rationale

In a recent Extended Learning Track course, I was fielding questions from nervous traders and investors about where the potential market top could be. While I do not know the exact high we will make before the next correction or bear market occurs, I do know of several techniques that we can use to identify … Read More »


Trading Is a Rewarding Way to Earn Income

Hello traders! As I write this newsletter in Dallas, Texas, we are experiencing a record-setting cold spell that thankfully ends today. Having below freezing temperatures for several nights in a row is highly unusual for us this far south! This week’s newsletter is aimed at the poor people who are “trapped” in a geographic location… Read More »


Put It This Way – Profiting from Put Options

Recently I’ve written about hedging strategies that use options. One of the strategies I’ve described was buying put options as insurance. Another was selling covered call options against the stock position, to reduce its cost and therefore its risk. Yet another was to combine those two strategies, in what is known as a collar… Read More »


In Life and Commodities the Only Thing Constant is Change

Futures trading is in a constant state of change. Whether it is new product contracts, evolution of electronic trading, globalization, or supply/demand disruptions, the markets seem to always be changing. These changes are each traders own responsibility to keep abreast of. One of the recent changes in the Futures markets I would like to address… Read More »

Real Estate

How Home Ownership Can Transform Lives

I love real estate and am grateful for what it has done for my life. I was a young girl raised in a rent controlled apartment by a single mom. I had a good childhood and that apartment was in Santa Monica CA, three blocks from the ocean, but we didn’t have a lot of… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Consistent Trading Success Requires Following Rules

An orderly, methodical process of trading is what defines putting yourself in a position to become a consistently successful trader and that necessitates the formulation of and commitment to a set of strong rules. This is one of the most difficult hurdles for traders to negotiate. Why is this you might ask? Well, it means… Read More »