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Nov 18, 2014 Issue

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Low Risk High Reward Trading and Investing

As the old saying goes, “risk and reward go hand in hand.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that in the trading and investing world. Most people think the more reward you try to attain, the more risk you need to take on. Many years ago, I heard this so… Read More »


Portfolio Protection Part 2

After my article on portfolio protection was published, I was fortunate enough to meet with several students in our Online Trading Academy Austin center. One student was concerned about the status of his 401k. He had recently endured the pullback in the markets in September and October and wondered as many of you probably did… Read More »


The Traps of Support and Resistance

Coming up with the title and topic of this weeks article was a simple task for me this time around, as it was directly inspired by a question that I received from a regular reader of these articles. As you know I do like to respond to my readers e-mails as often as I can… Read More »


Protect Profits On Long-Term Stock Positions With Options

On November 12, 2014 the SPY, the exchange-traded fund that tracks the Standard & Poor’s 500, closed at $203.96, near yesterday’s closing all-time high. That was good news for anyone who owned stocks. Almost everyone who had a stock position had a profit on it. But whenever new highs are made, the question becomes whether… Read More »


Trading Gaps Properly

When looking for low risk opportunities, one situation that’s not as common in the futures market as it is with stocks is the formation of gaps. The reason stocks tend to gap more frequently is simply because they spend more time closed than trading with lots of activity. This exposes stocks to all types of… Read More »

Real Estate

What You Must Know About Property Profile Reports

What is a property profile report and why is it important? A property profile report is a preliminary look at the financial and ownership status of a property. I highlighted the word preliminary because there is a key difference between a preliminary (also known as a non-insured) report and a “full coverage” title report… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Self-Regulate To Successfully Manage Your Trade

Lydia looked with disdain at her screen, but underneath the anger brewed a cauldron of fear. She was facing a massive drawdown after getting excited by a blastoff candle while trading the Russell E-mini. Even though it was an extended rally, she couldn’t control her excitement as she entered an impulsive long trade based in… Read More »