Lessons from the Instructors

Nov 11, 2014 Issue


A Perfect Pair of Stocks

I wanted to extend a special thank you for all fellow Veterans on this Veteran’s day. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten. The majority of trading skills that are learned in one asset class can often be applied in another. In the Professional Futures Trader Course at Online Trading Academy, we teach students the skill… Read More »


Why Does a Retail Trader Keep Buying High and Selling Low

Hello traders! This week’s article will focus a bit of attention on how we can use retail traders’ reasons for taking trades to help with our own trades. Have you ever met, or have you ever been, one of those really inquisitive kids, the kind who keeps asking the question “why” after every answer? Read More »


How Can I Use Options to Protect My Profits

The same choices confront us now, just as they do every time the markets break into new high territory. The details of the specific market conditions at each new turn of the wheel have to inform our choices in that instance. In future options articles, we’ll explore some of the alternatives described above. Read More »


Can We Trade in a News Vacuum?

We humans have a burning desire to always know why things happen. It’s an innate quality that we have to be curious, and in some respect this is a great attribute. This inquisitiveness has led to wonderful advances, and new discoveries in the fields of medicine, science and technology. It’s also what makes life fun… Read More »

Real Estate

Guidelines To Get Good Tenants

Not everyone can buy property in the best locations, that’s not always possible or profitable. It can be very profitable to buy in lower income areas and it’s possible to be successful with having good tenants. When I was 19, I managed a 20 unit apartment building in Venice, CA. This was one of the… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Letting Go Can Help You Get A Grip On Your Trading

Consider this quote by Teilhard de Chardin, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” On its face, it may seem to have little connection with trading; and on some levels I would agree. However, consider that trading is a journey of self-discovery. If you have… Read More »