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Oct 28, 2014 Issue

Featured Article NASDAQ Futures The Setup

Thinking Like An XLT Trader

Today, I want to share a trade taken in the Futures Extended Learning Track (XLT, our Live Trading Room) on October 20th, last week. The XLT is our live online trading program. The purpose of the article is to point out how important it is to keeping trading simple. I received some important questions regarding… Read More »


Don’t Stop Me Now!

One of the most common questions I have asked of me is where a trader should place their stops for maximum effectiveness and still not be stopped out too soon by normal market fluctuations. A specific question posed to me was. Q: My biggest problem is that I do not know where to set up… Read More »


Buy, Sell, or Wait While Trading

Hello traders! This week I am writing to you from sunny Dallas, Texas, where we are experiencing a warmer than usual fall week. Last week I was in San Diego, teaching a futures class and enjoying the beautiful beaches. In this futures class we had the usual mix of students: a couple retaking the class… Read More »


Hedges and Market Makers

Last week I wrote about one way to “hedge,” or reduce the risk of a particular kind of option trade by adding another option. Let’s look into this idea a little further. First of all, the term “hedging,” as in “hedging one’s bets,” has been in use since at least the 1600’s in England, according… Read More »


Are You Leading or Lagging With Your Trade?

In the world of trading, the people that usually profit are those that learn how to anticipate when the market will turn, versus those that follow, and usually get in late. The primary cause traders join a move after it has already run its course is that the indicators they use to trigger their buy… Read More »

Real Estate

7 Essential Elements to Trading Success

It is reported that one of the top reasons new businesses fail is a lack of a system. At OTA, we believe in a systematic way of trading and investing. In addition to a system, I also believe we need to have a road map to general success in life. Here are 7 essential elements… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Winning: How Are You Defining It While Trading?

What does winning in the trade mean to you? Most people would probably say that it involves making a profit. Well, although that would not be a wrong answer, it wouldn’t include “all” of the story. The story would also include what you’re doing to ensure that you in fact will “consistently” win. So many… Read More »

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