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The Science of Trading

motion into mass

Before starting my career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, I did two things and really two things only. I played ice hockey and went to school where the focus of my studies was Biology and Genetics. I know what you’re thinking, how boring… Well, I actually was and am still fascinated with the study of… Read More »


Is It Trading News or Noise?

Last week I was teaching a Professional Futures Trader Course in our Irvine office. We were looking at the recent, large price drops in the equity indexes and discussing the reasons behind them. According to the financial news networks, the sell off was caused from a combination of factors including: the Ukraine crisis, weak earnings… Read More »


How ‘Real’ Can It Be?

At the time of writing this article, I am coming to the end of an extended tour of the USA having taught classes on both the East and West Coasts. Teaching the Online Trading Academy Core Strategy and utilizing a real-time live trading environment gives the students the very best opportunity to see the strategy… Read More »


Build a Hedge with Options

In last week’s article, which you can read here, I wrote about an example of selling Put options to take advantage of what seemed to be high volatility. At the end of that article, I said that a short put position could be hedged to change its risk profile, Today we’ll explore that further… Read More »


Does Volume Follow Open Interest?

During a recent class a good question came up about identifying the front month contract in the Futures markets. The question was, “Is volume all I need to look at to determine when a contract is ready to roll over?” ll Futures contracts have an expiration date. During the life of all Futures contracts, usually… Read More »

Real Estate

Being A Good Landlord Pays Off

I have been a landlord for over 25 years and I’ve learned a lot of lessons about what to do and what not to do, many of which I learned the hard way, aka making mistakes. One of the keys for me was learning how to remove the emotion from the decision. This can often… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Are You Doing the Same Thing in your Trades and Expecting a Different Result?

I would like to ask you a question: “How is your trading going?” Now, there are a number of ways to answer this question and if you are not doing well then the answer could be painful as it conjures up images of losses that inundate your trading landscape. You might be failing to allow… Read More »

October 21, 2014