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Jan 7, 2014 Issue

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Plan It, Set It, and Forget It

From birth, we are conditioned to trade incorrectly. We naturally run from things we are fearful of and are drawn to things that make us feel good. If you take this action in trading, you are headed for trouble which in the trading world means losses. For example, if your invitation to buy into a… Read More »


Role Reversals

Emotions drive prices in the markets. Well to be more exact, emotions motivate people to take certain action in the markets. Most traders believe that the hardest thing to do in trading is to learn how to read price properly. The truth is that the hardest thing to do is read ourselves and minimize the… Read More »


How to Get Started With Trading Forex

Hello traders! In this article we will discuss a few of the “why’s” to trade, and a few how’s to get started. So, why trade in the Forex market? First on the list is the leverage that is available to us. Leverage is merely the ability to control a lot of something using just a… Read More »


Rolling and Evolving

Recently I have been writing about exiting an options position. I talked about stops, and also about rolling a position to more favorable strike prices and/or expirations. Today I’ll introduce the idea of position evolution, which is different from either stops or rolling. As I described earlier, rolling a position means transforming it into a… Read More »


Futures Market Questions From the Classroom

At Online Trading Academy we encourage our students to ask questions. Not only does this promote good community in the classroom, but it gets other students to start thinking out of the box and asking their own questions. As an instructor I have seen on numerous occasions where a student actually understood a comment I… Read More »

Real Estate

How to Value Real Estate

“How do I determine the value of my real estate?” This was a question asked by a Lesson from the Pro’s reader. Most people would ask a Real Estate Professional, and I agree. However if you think about it, since your real estate could be one of your biggest assets so do not you think… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Stress Kills Trades

Have you ever entered a trade and immediately began to feel your heart pound, noticed that you were breathing heavily, found that it was difficult to maintain your concentration and on top of that felt a strong wave of anxiety travel through your body? Well, what you were experiencing are the effects of stress… Read More »

India Markets

What is the Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

As a Chartered Market Technician, I get a lot of questions about technical indicators and how they work. In a recent XLT class, I was asked about the Commodity Channel Index indicator as some of the students noticed I had it on my charts. The first thing I want to mention about any technical indicator… Read More »

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