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May 13, 2014 Issue

Featured Article NASDAQ Trade: 4/28/14

Horton The Elephant Would use Simple Logic to Trade

A while back, I was in southern California for a trading event. One evening, I drove down to Laguna Beach and walked around the area, enjoying the art studio’s and the beach. I happened to walk into one studio and saw a large painting of “The Cat in the Hat” painted by Dr. Seuss himself. Read More »


Is The Market Going To Drop?

In past articles, Modified Odds Enhancer, and Use the 60-40 Bounce or Break for greater Profits, I discussed using a common technical indicator in an atypical method. I was modifying the RSI indicator to use it as an odds enhancer to help identify whether trend would continue or if the supply and demand zones were Read More »


Trading Trendline

As you have probably noticed from reading our weekly Lessons from the Pros newsletters, our core strategy includes going long in up trends at high quality demand zones, and going short in downtrends in high quality supply zones. A few significant stumbling blocks that new traders encounter is defining the trend that they are in… Read More »


Options – the Value of Time

The right to sell QQQ at $87 is valuable, if QQQ is selling for $80. Whoever has that right could buy QQQ on the open market for $80, and then exercise the put option and thereby sell QQQ at $87. That right is worth at least $7 ($87 – $80). If there is some time to… Read More »


The Psychological Cycles of Trading and Investing

All markets go through different cycles that produce different psychological effects to those that participate. At the highest stage of the investment cycle traders and investors feel good about the returns they’re realizing, this is usually followed by a sense of dread when they see those returns begin to dwindle slowly turning into losses… Read More »

Real Estate

Hands Off Real Estate Investing

Does hands off real estate investing sound too good to be true? Well, it really isn’t. This kind of real estate investing would be called a REIT, Real Estate Investment Trust: A security that sells like a stock on the major exchanges and invests in real estate either through properties (also known as an equity REIT) Read More »

Specialty Skills

Begin Trading With The End In Mind

Your trading routine specifically points to a course of action and it’s in agreement with your trading plan; but, the more you look at it the more you feel pulled in the opposite direction. You identify that you’re in trouble because of the indecision; however, this awareness does not help your uncertainty. It is… Read More »

India Markets

Read A Trading Book

Have you ever read a book on trading or investing? If you have read more than one of them, you will notice that they usually regurgitate the same old technical analysis. Most books and academics themselves follow the traditional route for technical analysis. The problem is that if that traditional method worked so well… Read More »

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