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Mar 25, 2014 Issue

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Private: 2 Most Common Investing Mistakes

The world of market speculating is made up of everyone from the active day trader to the longer term investor, speculating in all kinds of markets and asset classes, people all around the globe pushing buy and sell buttons each day in hopes of achieving income and wealth. Never in history has there been so… Read More »


Protecting Precious Capital

“Cut your losses short and let your profits run.” So many traders chant that mantra while trading in the markets. Anyone who has, or ever had, money in the markets knows that this is an easy thing to say but much harder to do. The emotions of fear and greed creep into our trading environment… Read More »


Always Follow Your Trading Plan

Hello once again Forex Market traders and regular readers of my article. Firstly I would like to thank all of you who emailed me in the last few weeks with your feedback on my article from 2 weeks ago: FX Trading Mind-Set 101. I am glad you all enjoyed the piece… Read More »


Calendars to Condors

In my last two articles (Calendars part 1 and part 2), I described strategies that work well when you expect the price of a stock with cheap options (low implied volatility) to stay in a range. The Calendar strategy that I described there benefits from a lack of price movement, exploiting the difference the rates… Read More »


Rollover Redux

Every March, and other quarterly months (June, September, and December) the futures contracts that track interest rates, currencies, and the stock index futures come to the end of their contract life, and expire. This necessitates the need for traders engaged in these markets to exit these contracts and roll them over to the next quarterly… Read More »

Real Estate

Real Estate Buyer Beware of Free Data and Information

One of the points I hit the hard on when training with new real estate investors is understanding that information and data is only as good as the source and accuracy. A relationship with a Title Insurance Company agent is an important team member. It’s important as an active real estate investor to have this… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Is Your Trading Strategy “Buy and Hope?”

Stacey looked at the chart and took a long breath. She had placed a buy order with her broker on AAPL. This was after the price had hit a new high for the month and confirmed a long term trend according to her advisor. That was several weeks ago and so far it was moving… Read More »

India Markets

Bigger Winners

A student of Online Trading Academy came to me with a common complaint about their trading. The trader had taken a large loss in his trading account and was now taking very small gains. He knew that he was making great entries but kept fearing losing any gains so he was cutting them short… Read More »