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Mar 18, 2014 Issue

Featured Article Example of Doji Candle with Supply Resistance

Typical Market Behavior – Fascinating

The other day, I was speaking with a student of ours and he asked me a question I have been asked before. He said, “Aren’t you afraid of giving too much of your strategy away as it may not work if too many people learn it?” As long as I have been trading and investing… Read More »


Trade New Stocks Vs. Old Stocks

A student recently inquired if there was a difference in trading newer stocks versus older stocks.  Newer meaning that they trade stocks of newly listed companies and had their initial public offering (IPO) within the last year.  Older stocks have been trading on the exchanges for several years. The answer is an overwhelming YES!  There Read More »


Mom, Us Traders Aren’t Unique

With all due respect to all of the fantastic moms out there, I’m sorry to have to burst your bubble just a bit. When we were all told as youngsters that we are unique individuals, much like the delicate snowflake, that just isn’t the case when it comes to trading. This week I would like… Read More »


More Calendars

Today we’ll extend the example of a Calendar Spread that I started in last week’s article, which you can read here. These spreads are also known as time spreads or horizontal spreads. They consist of a long option (either put or call) at one expiration date; and a short option of the same type (put… Read More »


Is This Bull Market Really Different?

With most of the major stock indices making new highs, it’s tough to argue against the bullish case for equities, particularly if you’re a long-term investor, and I’m not going to do that here, well maybe a little. For the short- term income trader (those that trade for money they can spend today) the stock index… Read More »

Real Estate

What Sellers and Buyers Need To Know About Property Inspections

In the article dated July 2, 2013, I talked about contingencies in a purchase contract and that one of the most common and important is “property inspection.” This article will go more in-depth to what a property inspector is looking for and some of the things a seller can do to be prepared. Read More »

Specialty Skills

Successful Trading Is Not Only About Money, It’s About Mastery

Think about your trading for a moment; what is motivating you? You may be like so many other traders around the planet in that you trade, and trade, and trade. In fact, you may have daily or trade session targets, but rather than discontinue trading when you hit those daily targets you continue to trade… Read More »

India Markets

Filtering out the Best Trades

When we teach our courses at Online Trading Academy, we teach our students where the proper areas to buy and sell lie on the charts. Those areas as you may know are supply and demand levels. However, there seems to be some confusion amongst traders as to how to identify the best levels for entering… Read More »