Lessons from the Pros

Feb 11, 2014 Issue

Featured Article

Love Always Wins

“Each year I write a post Super Bowl article on the commercials and like last year, there is much to go over again. First the game… Not much to talk about here as the game was decided about 12 seconds after it started. This is unfortunate given the record breaking viewership for a Super Bowl…” Read More »


Correlations – A Useful Odds Enhancer

As an equity trader, you should be familiar with the futures markets. The futures contracts can assist you in increasing your chances for trading success in trading stocks. For instance, if you are trading oil or gas related stocks, knowing when the crude oil futures contract is hitting supply or demand will let you know… Read More »


Choices, Choices, and More Choices

The topic of this week’s article is inspired by a recent interview I did last week with Online Trading Academy’s Master Instructor and Power Trading Radio host, Merlin Rothfeld. I have known Merlin for quite a few years now and he is probably one of the best traders I know. He is one of the… Read More »


The Price of Being Naked

There are quite a few option strategies that involve selling options “naked” – that is, selling options without having any position in the underlying asset. In the case of selling puts, naked means also not having 100% of the cash in the account that would be required to pay for the stock if assigned… Read More »


Setting Up A Commodity Trade

Once a Futures trader has been trading the Financial Futures markets for a while they may want to begin trading the physical Commodity Futures markets. There should be no hurry to trade these physical products until you have a very firm understanding of the Futures markets in general. After all, these markets have been around… Read More »

Specialty Skills

The Keys to the Trading Kingdom

The opening bell would soon be signaling the beginning of the US markets trading day. It was still early on the west coast and the sun was kissing the horizon as Jim looked over the NQ E-mini globex chart where he had drawn his levels as he prepared his plan to short at the fresh… Read More »

Real Estate

The Truth About The “Truth-in-Lending” Act

Financing is always a hot topic and on January 10, some very interesting new rules went into effect. The Dodd-Frank Act amended the Truth-in-Lending Act and established new rules. One of the biggest changes is how a “loan originator” is compensated. Mortgage loan originators (MLOs) may not be compensated based on any of the following… Read More »

India Markets

Trend Trouble?

If you have been struggling with identifying the trend of the broad markets lately, you are not alone. Globally, there have been wild swings as economies and traders are trying to determine if equities are overbought or likely to continue to rise to new heights. Through all of the noise of “experts” on television and… Read More »