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Sep 24, 2013 Issue

Education Resource

Profile of an Online Trading Academy Instructor: Russ Allen

Today we’re featuring one of our Online Trading Academy instructors: Russ Allen! Russ tells us about his own trading journey and how he relates to his students. Russ Allen has had a professional path that many OTA students would like to emulate. After an extensive career in business, in 2003 he quit his job and became… Read More »

Featured Article

The Short Term Income Window

You have likely heard it before: “Don’t trade the open, it’s too risky.” When I say “open” I am talking about the NY open at 9:30 EST. Many people suggest not trading before, during, or just after the open. They further suggest that you should let the market settle down and then start trading. Great… Read More »


Modified Odds Enhancer

On a personal note, as you read this, I will be teaching a Professional Futures Trader course in Minneapolis. As I am the “Trader Biker,” I decided to ride my motorcycle there and use the “Mother Road” Route 66. It should be a fun ride and an exciting time. I’ll update you via my Twitter… Read More »


Why Supply and Demand? – Part 2

Have you ever heard of the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do?” I like to travel as much as I can in my spare time and see as many different cultures and places as possible. No matter where I go, I always like to respect the local practices and get myself as… Read More »


Yin and Yang of Options – Part 2

Last week I wrote a back-to-basics article about the nature of options. I noted that the causes of the change in the value of an option include: changes in price of the underlying asset, the passage of time, and changes in market expectations of volatility. Today we’ll expand on that. Each of those three separate… Read More »


Single Stock Futures Explained

As if a standard futures contract — those that control an underlying commodity, stock index, currency, or interest rate instrument — weren’t esoteric enough for most, there are also contracts that control individual stocks. These are called single stock futures, or in their abbreviation (SSFs). In this article I’ll give readers a broad overview on this lesser… Read More »

Real Estate

Finding an Agent or Broker that You Can Trust

How do we find that expert we can trust? First let’s be clear as to who we are dealing with. Real Estate Agent: A real estate agent is an individual who is licensed to negotiate and arrange real estate sales. An agent is a person who can represent a buyer or a seller in a… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Pressuring Yourself Can Squeeze Your Trades

Ralph didn’t want to open his eyes for fear of what he would see. He had placed a market order on the 5 minute YM E-mini chart at a Demand Zone to go long. On the 60 minute chart he had identified a fresh level as the price was coming into the Demand Zone for… Read More »

India Markets

What is the Difference?

There is a question that I am often asked in both classes and online: “What is the difference between supply and demand as you call it and the old support and resistance levels we have always heard about elsewhere?” This is a common question for those novice traders who have not been exposed to the… Read More »

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