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Sep 17, 2013 Issue

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Statistics Don’t Lie, But Statisticians Sometimes Do

There were two articles in the September 14th issue of the Wall Street Journal that illustrate the danger of relying solely on statistics. First off, Jason Zwieg’s “Intelligent Investor” noted that over the past 20 years, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has delivered a 9.8% annual return while the S&P 500 returned only 8.6% annually. Read More »

Featured Article

Proper Trend Trading

I have been involved with the markets for almost 20 years. I started on the institution side of the business, but have spent plenty of time trading and building educational content for retail traders and investors. While I truly feel I am speaking the truth when it comes to the supply and demand strategy, I… Read More »


When to Short

Online Trading Academy’s core strategy is centered on the proper reading of price action. We interpret what the market is telling us to do and act accordingly. If the security we are trading is in an uptrend, then we are buyers. And when the trend changes, we become sellers. There are techniques we can use Read More »


How Many Stops Do You Have?

Hello traders! If you have been trading for more than a few hours, I hope you have recognized the importance of using stop losses on all of your trades. There are several types of these stops which I will discuss briefly, but are you using stops in other parts of your trading activity? I hope… Read More »


The Yin and Yang of Options

Yin and Yang? Are they Greek? No, they’re not. But the Greeks do measure certain characteristics of options, and each one of those characteristics affects the two parties to an option contract in equal and opposite ways, like Yin and Yang. Over the last year I’ve written on many topics related to options, from very… Read More »

Real Estate

Short Sales: Are They Still Out There and What is Their Future?

I’ve been writing about real estate every week for close to four years now and the market has had a dramatic transformation in that time. If you look back on many of my first articles you’ll see I spent a lot of time on things like the Making Homes Affordable Act (MHA), Home Affordable Modification… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading is Sometimes Not What You Think

Trading can be counter-intuitive in a number of ways. Let’s examine an instance of this as we look over Shirley’s shoulder at her trade. The green candles were rising faster than the space shuttle Endeavor toward her stop. Her eyes were like saucers while she fought a compelling urge to move her stop-loss. The price… Read More »

India Markets

Keeping It Simple

I field a lot of questions about technical indicators. As a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) I have learned how to use many indicators and oscillators for trading. I have come to the conclusion that they are not necessary and only serve to confuse most novice traders. When making trading decisions, we need to view raw… Read More »

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