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Aug 6, 2013 Issue

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A few years ago, I built a new house. Initially I thought you get some plans together, hire a contractor, and live happily ever after. Boy was I mistaken… It didn’t take me long to realize I was on a journey into a world I knew little about. Between permits I didn’t know how to… Read More »


Nature Vs. Nurture

While I was trading the other day, I had the television turned on to a financial channel. As I wasn’t getting much information or entertainment from the talking heads, I changed the channel. One of my old favorite movies was on TV, “Trading Places.” For those of you who may not be familiar with the… Read More »


Common Classroom Questions – Part 2

Hello traders! This week’s Lessons From the Pros article is a continuation of the article from June 11, 2013. Because I’ve received a lot of positive feedback both in emails and in recent classes, I decided to continue the theme. Question 5: Why don’t you use X indicator/oscillator/tool? Another instructor does. That is one of… Read More »


Finding Option Opportunities – Part 2

Last week’s article, which you can read here, was part 1 of this two-part discussion on finding option opportunities. I noted that there are many ways of doing this, and described a method that involves looking for stocks or ETFs whose options are extremely expensive, and then selling those options. The process I described has… Read More »

Real Estate

Selling a Property and Some Traps People Fall Into

The market is what it is today, not yesterday or tomorrow. The timing of selling a property has to be based on your needs today and ability to time the market. Many people are waiting to sell their property because they are waiting for prices to return to pre-recession levels. There are no BIG… Read More »

Specialty Skills

The Most Important Moment of the Trade Is in the Now

Dan looked at the candle on the daily chart. It was yesterday’s candle and it was red just like several before it, and it looked good. You see, it represented a pull-back from a high several days ago on the YM E-mini. The high was the latest in several higher highs and higher lows that… Read More »

India Markets


Online Trading Academy graduates know that their trading decisions should be based on price action and volume. Technical indicators are very popular in the trading community but need to be used only as an odds enhancers. It is important to remember that an odds enhancer is used to increase the probability of a trade working… Read More »

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