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Jul 23, 2013 Issue

Education Resource

Financial Prospects for the Royal Baby

As you probably know, Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton just announced the birth of their baby boy. This much is certain: the offspring of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will enter the world a lot better off than most of us are ever likely to become. According to Carolyn Harris, a lecturer on history Read More »


Picking the Bottom?

Many people accuse me of being too bearish while trading and analyzing the markets. While this may be true, I also realize that markets and securities move faster to the downside due to the fear factor. Fear is a dominant emotion in investing and trading and is the cause of bearish moves. This fear can… Read More »


Economics, But Fun

Hello traders! Yes, this week’s article focuses on economics, but hopefully in a way that can help you make a few more pips in your trading, and therefore, is fun! First we’ll define what GDP is, then look to see what role commodities play in GDP, and then which currency pairs to focus on when… Read More »


Options Mailbag – Breaking Even and Crossing Over

In last week’s article, which you can read here, I wrote about calculating break-even prices for option positions. I received a message from a reader asking for clarification on some of the points discussed there. The reader’s questions make a good framework for clarifying and expanding on those points. This is a good place to… Read More »

Real Estate

Real Estate Formulas: A Review

It’s summer time. When my children were school-age that meant fun, baseball and reviewing things they had learned in the prior school year. So we are going down the same road and reviewing some of the important formulas related to real estate investing. We’ve all heard of ROR (Rate of Return) or ROI (Return on Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading on Vacation Can Be a Prescription for Problems

Bob was sitting in a recliner overlooking the beautiful azure blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea from his hotel room veranda. The sky was a deep turquoise with a few billowy white cumulus clouds floating by as a huge golden sun drenched the ocean side with bright, warm rays. “All is well” he thought to… Read More »

India Markets


Students are often surprised when I refer to a commodity chart to answer a question on where the stock market is likely to move. What they may not realize is that all markets are related, and if you understand the correlations between the different asset classes, you will have an edge over traders and investors… Read More »