Lessons from the Pros

Jul 2, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

The Breakout Trap

Last week, a classic bull trap had been developing that we were going over in some of our trading rooms at Online Trading Academy. It reminded me of an article I wrote a while back. Below are some parts of that article, explaining last week’s bull trap and this week’s opportunity. Before you read on… Read More »


How Far is Too Far?

I wanted to continue with last week’s discussion on whether we should allow our trades to play out or exit them before the stop is triggered. I remember a discussion I had with Sam Seiden about price movement into supply and demand zones. Sam and I were discussing trade entries and price movement into a… Read More »


What Options Are On Offer?

Ever since I first became a speculative trader in the financial markets, I always wanted to have a broad understanding of the various asset classes available to trade. When I first started, however, I was more about jumping into them because I wanted more markets to place trades on! To be honest I… Read More »


Checking the Calendar

Last week I wrote about using the Bull Call Spread in a way that was not exactly bullish, so that it became a price-neutral trade based on time decay. This week we’ll look at doing the opposite: changing a neutral spread into a directional one. The Calendar spread is most often thought of as a… Read More »


Successful Trading is Ultimately a Numbers Game

In last week’s article, I wrote that one of the golden rules of trading is to cut losses short, and let profits run. The reason this rule is tried and true (if one wants to be successful in trading) is simply because the lack of adherence to this basic tenet is just bad math. A… Read More »

Real Estate

Contracts and the Stuff that Goes Along with Them

Real Estate contracts can be large and overwhelming, or (not very often) they can be one page and simple. Typically, a real estate contract is written by a real estate professional (broker/agent) on a state approved form. As you can image, this contract is full of language that has more to do with legal protection… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading is Learning About Yourself

Kevin has been actively day-trading Futures for several years. His profits are erratic and undependable, often going dramatically up and down in the same session. When Kevin is making money, his confidence soars and he feels like he is a power trader. On the other hand, when he loses money, which is more times than… Read More »