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Jul 16, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

What is High Frequency Trading and How Can You Be Successful At It?

More and more, I hear new and experienced retail traders talking about High Frequency Trading (HFT). Most people think this type of trading is done by computers, managed by Ivy league physics and math wizards. The truth is, HFT can mean different things to different people. During this piece, we will spend some time understanding conventional… Read More »


Watching the Markets – Revisited

In the Extended Learning Track program we have been watching the broad markets for influence on individual stocks. I have been demonstrating a method of watching the broad market indexes that reduces the need for multiple charts. I have decided to revisit an article I wrote a while ago that describes this method. Those of… Read More »


What Options Are On Offer? – Part 2

Continuing on from my last article, I want to expand upon how we can effectively use options in the worldwide currency markets. As I explained in my previous article, I’m a big fan of the options market and it was always my intention to become a full-time options trader. However understanding price action, how to… Read More »


Breaking Even and Crossing Over

When a stock stands still, its options don’t. his is because, unlike the stock it’s based on, every option has a fixed date when it will cease to exist. For each minute of its life that ticks by, an option has a minute less to gain intrinsic value. Intrinsic… Read More »


Which Market is Right for You?

When a person makes the commitment to learn trading, one of the first (and most important steps) in this process is learning a method that is proven to produce results over the long term. After that, he must be committed to mastering it. Secondarily, a trader has to choose which asset class is best… Read More »

Real Estate

Property Inspection Contingency – How Does It Work?

A couple of weeks ago we talked about contingencies and one was a property inspection. I thought I would give you a better idea of just how a property inspection works. According to the National Association of Realtors, 84 percent of buyers request a property inspection as part of their contract. An inspection is very… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Is The Ego Your Amigo in the Trade?

Gayle couldn’t believe what had happened. The price action on the 15 minute NQ E-mini had retraced and her demand zone trade, where she had executed a limit order to go long, had come perilously close to hitting her stop. However, just as it seemed like it was about to tap the price point and… Read More »

India Markets

Simplicity is Best

Anyone who watches me trade will often notice very few or no technical indicators on my chart. I do not usually need any to locate and execute trades. Price itself is the best indicator and when we reach areas of supply and demand, price movement can be predicted with a high degree of accuracy. Technical… Read More »

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