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Jun 4, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Is Trading Really An Art?

How many times have you heard someone say, “trading is an art, not a science?” I have heard that for years and years and I have to say, it is probably the most ridiculous statement I have heard when it comes to trading (and as we all know, there are some pretty ridiculous statements in… Read More »


One Look in Action

Continuing our discussion on the Ichimoku charting technique, I plan to put those charts to use in the equity markets. Remember, although the Ichimoku charts can offer signals, they are not a replacement for supply and demand. They should be used to confirm trading decisions only. Looking at the S&P 500 Index on an Ichimoku… Read More »


Always Be Consistent

It takes many qualities to become a consistently profitable trader, the most fundamental being strong risk management skills, precise order execution capabilities and of course, a solid understanding of how the market really works. This understanding is rarely found in the realms of conventional technical analysis books and webinars, but rather by truly understanding how… Read More »


More Bull Market Strategies

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about investors’ strategies for markets that just keep marching to new all-time highs, and I’ll continue with that this week. These are the times when the folks who buy stocks and hold them for the long haul have big smiles on their faces. They finally look… Read More »


The Market Always Looks Best Just Before A Drop

It seems as though every day that passes, the equities markets eclipse their prior highs and continue rising to uncharted levels. To some extent this is a positive, because to most individual investors it means that their “nest egg” (monies invested in retirement accounts) is once again starting to grow. On Wall Street when the… Read More »

Real Estate

What is a HUD 1 and Why Do You Need to Understand It?

I was teaching our online Professional Real Estate Investor Class and I used the term HUD 1 without giving it a second thought. However, I then received an email from a student asking me to explain what a HUD 1 statement was and why they need to know about it. What a great topic for… Read More »

Specialty Skills

In Your Trading You Must Begin With the End in Mind

I just got off the phone with a delightful couple, Jeffrey and Felicia. I was asked if I would speak to them briefly because Jeffrey, the trader of the couple, had been consistently losing money for months. As they were trading with the last of their retirement, it was now imperative that they do something… Read More »

India Markets

Sell in May?

There is an old saying related to the equity markets, “Sell in May and go away!” This refers to the typical slowness and weak performance of the markets during the spring and summer months. Usually this relates to the technology sector of the markets. There is a slowdown in purchases, and consumers in the US… Read More »

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