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Jun 25, 2013 Issue

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Strategy, Plan, Execute

Think of just about any project or goal you have taken on in your life. Have you ever achieved success without a strategy, plan, and proper execution of that plan? Also think about all the times in your life you strategized about something, came up with a plan from that strategy, and then executed the… Read More »


When Should I Exit

A common question I receive during nearly every class I teach is, “What if I notice that the trade isn’t working out? Should I wait for my stop to be hit or can I exit from the trade sooner?” Getting into trades seems to be very easy. All too often, traders will enter into positions… Read More »


News Trading

Hello traders! Have you ever watched the forex market move after a large news event? Seen the spread double, triple, or widen even more, and watched the pair move over 100 pips in a few short minutes? That is what happened earlier today. I am writing this article from beautiful Seattle, Washington, and today was… Read More »


Bull Call Spread, The Sequel

Last week I talked about the Bull Call Spread. The way our sample trade worked out deserved another article. This is usually thought of as a bullish strategy, meaning one that needs a rising stock price to profit. That is generally true if one or both options are out of the money. We looked at…
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Who Wants to Wait?

One of the golden rules of trading is to cut losses short and let profits run. Anyone that has traded has surely heard this at some point, and on the surface it’s quite simple. However putting it into practice is actually somewhat difficult. The function of cutting losses short implies that a stop is always… Read More »

Real Estate

Condo on the West Coast? Co-op on the East Coast? What are the Differences?

Condominiums (condo) and Cooperatives (co-op) are often confused by the general public as being the same thing, but they are not. As far as living standards go, there are relatively few differences. The real differences exist from a legal and financing point of view. Let’s start by defining them both. Condominium – An apartment house… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Rules Hold the Keys to Trading Success

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill. Part of the definition of “rule” is that it is a “governing action” or “procedure.” When you consider governing action, it really encapsulates the way that rules-based trading relates to results-oriented trading. This is because rules… Read More »

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