Lessons from the Pros

May 29, 2013 Issue

Featured Article

Motion Into Mass, One Simple Equation

Before starting my career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, I did two things and really two things only. I played ice hockey and I went to school where the focus of my studies was Biology and Genetics. I know what you’re thinking: how boring. Well, I actually was and am still fascinated with the study… Read More »


One Look Revisited: Part 2

Continuing in my discussion from last week, I plan to dissect more of the Ichimoku charting technique and show the practical application of it. In “One Look,” I described the cloud and the lagging line. Today we will turn our attention to the Tenkan-sen (conversion line) and the Kijun-sen (base line). The conversion line is… Read More »


What To Look For: The Basics

Hello traders! This week I’d like to go all the way back to the very basics of what to look for when you are looking to place a trade. In previous Lessons From the Pros newsletters, you have probably heard writers mention your trading plan. Included in the trading plan should be the setups or… Read More »


More Happy Days?

Even after a pretty good drubbing on May 22-23, the S&P 500 index was still showing an 18% year-to-date gain for 2013. SPY, the exchange-traded fund that tracks the S&P 500, was at $165.42 per share, a $23 gain from $142.41 at the end of 2012. Last week’s article was called “Happy Days Are Here… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Becoming an Awesome Trader

Linda had visualized the trade over and over. She saw herself sitting at her trading platform, cool as a cucumber, back straight, brow smooth, heart beating evenly with dry palms and saying to herself, “Patience, …patience…patience.” And what’s more important, she allowed her trade to progress according to plan, with stops in place and remaining… Read More »

India Markets

The Right Average

Moving averages are a part of many traders’ analysis tools. A question I usually get from students is, “What period moving average is best to use?” While there is no one moving average that is perfect and will work all the time, there is a way to identify the best average for the security and… Read More »